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You can shop online by installments in e-shop or come to our offices in Ukmergės str. 364, Vilnius and Liepu Str. 87D., Klaipeda.

Purchasing a product by instalments is a financial service that allows a CUSTOMER to buy a wanted product while paying only a part of its value. The product immediately becomes your property and the remaining amount has to be paid to a leasing company in instalments according to the arranged schedule. Not only employees can have a consumer credit agreement with “SB lizingas”, but also retirees, disabled people, people that are working with a business license, farmers and individual business owners, who decide to use the products right now instead of postponing a comfortable life.

Special offer "Only an administration fee"

· 0% annual interest rate;

· 0% contract price; 

· 0.6% administration fee;

· Contract period - up to 36 months.

For example, according to the special offer when a contract is signed for 12 months, if you borrow 300 EU without an initial payment, regular contributions are paid on a monthly basis, a fixed annual interest rate and a contract fee are 0%, a management fee is 0.6%, a total annual percentage rate of the consumer credit is 13.88%, the total amount paid is 321.60 EU, regular premium amount is 26.80 EU. Taking into account the contract period, your solvency and the risk assessment, other financial conditions might be offered.

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