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At the annual EICMA motorcycle show in Milan this year, the motorcycle manufacturer Royal Enfield unveiled the new Himalayan 450.

Royal Enfield is the oldest motorcycle manufacturer in the world and has been producing two-wheelers continuously since 1901. In 2016, the English-rooted manufacturer launched its first adventure motorcycle, the highly successful Himalayan 410. It immediately became a favourite among motorcyclists who like simple motorcycles that don't have a lot of complexity. Its successor, the Royal Enfield Himalayan 450, launched in Italy, is superior to its predecessor in virtually every respect.

Buying a new motorcycle, quad bike, scooter or helmet can be a big enough decision that you want to make sure that the equipment or helmet you want will meet your expectations before buying.

Kmoto offers test rides with test models from the following manufacturers: Royal EnfieldKeewaySuper SocoSegway PowersportsCFMOTOKMT motorsSchuberth and more.

Buy a set of motorcycle tires, get a functional bag as a gift and roll into the new moto season!
Entrust the tire change to us - assembly services are available in all KMOTO branches!

Bridgestone offer SEE HERE

New SCHUBERTH E2 adventure helmets are reaching another milestone at SCHUBERTH in completing the range of new models with the ECE 22.06 standard and P/J double homologation.

The SCHUBERTH E2 is the perfect mix between the comfort of the famous Flip Up "C" series and the aggressive look and feel of an off-road helmet.

The customizable interior padding offers a perfect fit to all the customers, putting this adventure helmet on another level, ready to rock the dustiest trails.


By expanding the offer and the range of represented brands, from October 2022, KMOTO becomes the official representative of the CFMOTO brand in Latvia. Since 2014, KMOTO officially represents CFMOTO brand in Lithuania.

KMOTO shops in Latvia and Lithuania provide full range of services - starting with the sale of vehicles, up to after-sales services - original spare parts, warranty and other maintenance services.

Thanks to the network of KMOTO branches and warehouses, we are able to provide fast parts deliveries, a wide range and solutions in difficult situations.

"Kmoto" comes up with a special autumn offer!

Get ready for the season with Segway Powersports!

Buy any of the Segway Powersports Snarler 600 smart quad bikes and get additional equipment worth 600 EUR as a gift!

Valuable and useful gifts to equip your new ATV with season-appropriate accessories - capacious rear transportbox and heated grips. We will also provide free installation of additional equipment and delivery of the quad bike to the specified address!

The offer is valid when purchasing a quad bike until December 30th.


New in the world - smart quad bikes, buggies and UTVs from "Segway Powersports". These are new-level adventures in both leisure and hard work!

Segway Powersports, a high-tech brand, specializes in the research, development, production, sales and after-sales service of motor vehicle products, offering the world's most technologically advanced ATVs, SSVs and UTVs - for farming, hunting, recreation and other needs when you need a stable ally in the heaviest jobs and conditions! Segway Powersports provides smart movement and smart entertainment that you can enjoy by connecting to the online application on your mobile phone - remote control and monitoring, access to real-time data and receiving safety notifications, speed limit setting, map and offline communication!

Since 2021, when Segway Powersports started selling quad bikes, buggies and UTVs, the brand's vehicles have gained the trust of many customers around the world.

Dare to embark on new adventures and put your fears aside, because there is no place for fear!

If you want to sleep peacefully at night and be sure of the safety of your motorcycle, you should take care of it right now!

It may seem challenging to choose the best solution from a wide range of security systems and alarms, considering various aspects of the product - quality, features, cost, safety, etc. Combining all the above essential criteria, there is a solution - the intelligent safety system SIZZAPP that is manufactured in Lithuania, the performance of which has already been verified by motorcyclists in more than 44 countries around the world!

The safety device, information system and reliable trip mate allow you to not only track the location and technical condition of the vehicle, but even assess your driving style!
In real time, in one application, you will be warned of any problems with your vehicle anywhere and anytime. SIZZAPP is a simple solution that connects motorcycle to the application through a small monitoring device, which allows you to track not only its location, technical condition, but also the riding style.