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The new Himalayan 450 - from the assembly line to the world's highest mountain pass at 19,300 feet

At the annual EICMA motorcycle show in Milan this year, the motorcycle manufacturer Royal Enfield unveiled the new Himalayan 450.

Royal Enfield is the oldest motorcycle manufacturer in the world and has been producing two-wheelers continuously since 1901. In 2016, the English-rooted manufacturer launched its first adventure motorcycle, the highly successful Himalayan 410. It immediately became a favourite among motorcyclists who like simple motorcycles that don't have a lot of complexity. Its successor, the Royal Enfield Himalayan 450, launched in Italy, is superior to its predecessor in virtually every respect.

Perfect balance

In the new model, the manufacturer has found the perfect balance between the motorcycle's performance and the rider's capabilities. This adventure tourer has everything you could possibly need on a tour and nothing you won't. Every element of the motorcycle has been thought out and designed based on feedback from renowned travellers and explorers, with the aim of reaching the most remote places. The Indian manufacturer has had a deep connection with the Himalayas for over 60 years, and it is the Himalayas that are the creative inspiration for this model.

The purpose-built Himalayan 450 inspires the confidence to give up the road and choose the trail - the first models to roll off the conveyor belt set off directly on a 24-day journey to the world's highest pass (19,300 feet) at Umling La, India.


The new motorcycle is lighter and more powerful

The Himalayan 450 is powered by the manufacturer's newest, lightest and most advanced engine to date, the Sherpa 450. It is Royal Enfield's first liquid-cooled engine and also features an electrically controlled throttle. This new platform opens up many new possibilities - the Himalayan 450 is 30% more powerful than its predecessor, with drive modes and optimum power and torque availability. 90% of maximum torque is achieved in the first 3000 revolutions of the engine, inspiring the rider to take the uphill route without the need to raise engine revs to the moon. Engine power and technological solutions are important, but real engine adaptation is more important - the Sherpa 450 engine is fitted with a 6-speed gearbox, making the highway kilometres needed to reach the goal more enjoyable than ever before at higher speeds.

The new inverted cassette front forks from SHOWA will allow you to look ahead and plan your route, instead of the usual need to react to every bump or pothole.


Balance between man, motorcycle and environment

Like the first Himalayan, the new model is not designed to dominate the road or throttle through the woods with aggressive tyres and excessive power. The Himalayan 450 is designed to find harmony with the landscape and to be part of it, reaching the most remote areas. The manufacturer's engineers know what it's like to be cold on a motorcycle, to be tired, and to have to look at three more hours on the road in the dark. The new adventure tourer is designed to cope with the harshest conditions, from the high air intake for river crossings, to the bright LED headlight for better night vision, sturdy frame and pannier mounts that can cope with the bike in horizontal position when the ride goes wrong.


TripperDash - a new adventure companion

Following the ideology of "everything you need and nothing you don't", the new dashboard has emerged with one goal in mind - to improve the driving experience. The new TripperDash dashboard has a classic round shape with essential functions in one place:

  • The first-ever introduction of Google Maps full maps on a round screen, available in up to 130 different languages
  • Music, call and message control on the dashboard
  • Control of different riding modes
  • Deactivation of theABS function
  • Display of the most important motorcycle information
  • Day and night modes


The Himalayan 450 motorcycles are expected to arrive at the Lithuanian dealership in March.